Mysteries of The Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary is a powerful weapon against spiritual warfare and worldly battles.

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If you have faith as small as a mustard seed...Nothing will be impossible for you!


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God Hears My Song

A delightful tribute to faith in an engaging children's picture book that also gifts you with a song!

God Hears My Song reassures children that God is with them through the good and the bad, wherever they may be. Engaging illustrations with expressive children help your child see how their faith can shine every day. Whether they're having fun with friends or family, scrape their knee, are frightened, or need forgiveness, they can trust in God.

We are surrounded by God's beauty in every moment of every day.And every day, we experience people and things we love. 

Help children rejoice in the glory of it all, knowing that God will hear not only their song of sorrow but also their song of joy.

A heartfelt and inspirational children's prayer is included. Use this beautiful prayer of gratitude with your child every morning to start a wonderful day, or every evening to give thanks at bedtime.God Hears My Song presents the grace of God in everyday life from a child's point of view. Let it help your child build a foundation of trust that guides their life into a healthy, more fulfilling future.


Mysteries of The Holy Rosary

Walk in Faith and Pray the Rosary! Teach your child The Mysteries of The Holy Rosary, while experiencing the life of Jesus through the eyes of Mary! The Mysteries of The Holy Rosary takes you through the twenty mysteries: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious, with 60 pages of vibrant illustrations by artist Yorris Handoko.

There is a wonderful guide at the beginning of the book that teaches you the prayers and how and when to say them. Every day of the week has a set of mysteries we can pray: The Joyful Mysteries: (Monday, Saturday, and Sundays of Advent and Christmas) The Luminous Mysteries: (Thursday) The Sorrowful Mysteries: (Tuesday, Friday, and Sundays during Lent) The Glorious Mysteries: (Wednesday and Sunday)

Written for ages 3 to 12 and beyond, The Mysteries of The Holy Rosary is great to pray with young or old or anyone new to the Holy Rosary that wants to learn!

The book makes a wonderful gift for communion, baptism, Christmas, and more!


Mysteries of the Holy Rosary- Coloring Book

Bring Jesus and Mary into your lives! This coloring book is perfect for ALL ages and allows you to meditate on the mysteries while coloring each page. Based on the book "Mysteries of The Holy Rosary, The Life of Jesus and Mary" let your imagination guide you while engaging in this powerful prayer.


What's In The Books?

  • Perfect for kids ages 4-10 to read as a family or aloud.

  • Mysteries of the Holy Rosary: Includes Companion

    prayers teaching the (Hail Mary, ...prayers and how to say the rosary.)

  • Beautiful illustrations by Yorris Handoko, capture the children's love for Jesus and God in Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and God Hears My Song.

  • God Hears My Song, encourages children to have a direct conversation with God and to come closer to his love.


Hear what children have to say about the books!

After reading this book and seeing the beautiful drawings of Jesus and Mary I want to help more people.

-Amelia Avnyin

The book is beautifully written and illustrated, and the message behind it is inspirational. Reading this book will have a positive effect on its readers.

-Sofia Avnyin

Crafted with Beauty And Positive Messages

Encourage gratitude

God Hears My Song encourages children to have a direct dialogue and connection with God and to be grateful for all of God's blessings.

Beautiful Illustrations

Invite children on a journey to discovering the Life of Jesus and Mary in the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Jesus' love is everywhere

Jesus' love is profound and His teachings, impactful at all times, but especially in this current time we are living through.

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Love for The Books!

"Allow children to grow their faith."

In telling the story of The Holy Rosary, this visually stunning book will make the events of Mary and the Lord’s life more accessible to children of all ages. While reading, families can engage in meaningful discussions about how to connect to and follow the teachings of Jesus.

Marisa A.

Teacher & Mom

"A wonderful guide to this great and powerful prayer."

Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, The Life of Jesus and Mary invites children to enter the life of Jesus through Mary as they pray the Rosary. The beautiful and engaging artwork and simple reflections lead the children through the mysteries and encourage think about understand better the mysteries they are praying.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Archbishop of New York

"An insightful, engaging and informative book."

The Mysteries of The Holy Rosary is an insightful, engaging and informative book. It is illustrated beautifully and brilliantly shares messages that will provide children with a simplistic understanding of the relationship and life of Jesus and Mary. Well done! I absolutely love it.

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling Author

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"The beautiful and engaging artwork and simple reflections lead the children through the mysteries and encourage them to think about and understand better the mysteries they are praying."

Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Archbishop of New York

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